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Board of Directors
Composition (as on 14.08.2021) 

The Board of Directors consist of Twelve members, of which Eleven are Non-Executive Directors and one is Executive Director. Shri Y Viswanatha Gowd, Managing Director & CEO is an Executive Director. The Executive and Non-Executive Directors are competent and knowledgeable personalities in their respective fields. All Non-Executive Directors except Shri M. R. Kumar, Chairman, Shri Raj Kumar, Shri P Koteswara Rao, Shri Sanjay Kumar Khemani and Shri Akshay Kumar Rout Director are Independent Directors.

The Independent Directors take part in the proceedings of the Board and Committee meetings which enables qualitative decision-making. They receive sitting fees for attending the meetings and do not have any other material or pecuniary relationship or transaction with the Company, its promoters, its directors, management, subsidiaries or associates. The composition of the Board in conformity with clause 49 of the Listing Agreement is as follows :

Sr. No. Name of the Directors    
1 Shri M. R. Kumar Chairman - Non Executive Nominee Director
2 Shri Raj Kumar Non-Executive Director Nominee Director
3 Shri Jagdish Capoor Non-Executive Director Independent Director
4 Dr. Dharmendra Bhandari Non-Executive Director Independent Director
5 Shri V. K. Kukreja Non-Executive Director Independent Director
6 Shri Ameet Patel Non-Executive Director Independent Director
7 Shri P Koteswara Rao Non-Executive Director Non Independent Director
8 Shri Kashi Prasad Khandelwal Non-Executive Independent Director
9 Shri Sanjay Kumar Khemani Non-Executive Non Independent Director
10 Shri Akshay Kumar Rout Non-Executive Non Independent Director
11 Smt. J. Jayanthi Non-Executive Independent Director
12 Shri Y Viswanatha Gowd Executive Director (MD & CEO) Nominee Director


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