• Corporate / Project Loans
  • Builder/Developers
Builders and Developers
1. Construction Finance Loan
Object : Loans to Builders/Developers for developing and constructing Residential / Commercial Premises.
Loan term : Minimum-6 Months
Maximum-5 years
Security & Title : Mortgage of the land over which the building is proposed along with super structure. Personal Guarantee of the Partners / Promoters Corporate Guarantee (if required)
Disbursement of loan : Installments depending on the progress of work in the project, its funding requirements and availability of sufficient security cover.
Repayment of loan : Through Escrow Account.
2. Term Loan
Object : To Builders/Developers for business purpose.
Loan term : Minimum - 6 Months
Maximum – 3 years
Security & Title : Mortgage of the Security of adequate Value acceptable to LICHFL as may be deemed necessary. The Receivables from various ongoing Projects to be assigned in favour of LICHFL. Personal Guarantee of the Promoters of the Company. Any other security as may be considered necessary by LICHFL
Disbursement of loan : In single tranche or in Installments based on the requirement of the Applicant Company as agreed mutually.
Repayment of loan : Through Escrow Account.
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